Desktop Terminal

You can’t get away from the fact that most storefront and restaurant businesses need a machine to accept credit cards. Almost every non-mobile merchant has one, even some mobile merchants. They need to be reliable, easy to use and now – even compliant to industry regulations. Every credit card transaction you take without being PCI compliant could cost you.

At SBS Bankcard Services, Inc. we know how important your credit card equipment is to you. The credit card terminals we offer provide a large memory capacity, a multiple payment function, rapid transaction processing, summary and detailed reporting that will help your accounting department, are easy to use/understand so that you can quickly train your staff and are all compliant with the new PCI-DSS industry regulations

No matter what type or size of your business, our merchant equipment is the perfect fit for your credit card processing needs. Now, receive a free loaner terminal if you sign up for a SBS merchant service account!