Credit card processing in a supermarket is essential for customers, especially when you have multiple lanes. Allowing customers to use their credit card reduces the time people spend waiting in lanes. Furthermore, EBT acceptance is an important factor for some families who would likely go elsewhere if unable to use their card.
SBS Bankcard Services, Inc. offers supermarket merchant processing solutions that are tailored to meet the individual needs of each store. One of our representatives will work with you to ensure you have to proper terminal set up to increase lane efficiency. We have several credit card machines to choose from that will accommodate to your supermarket store.
In addition to credit card acceptance, SBS offers the following services that are useful in a supermarket merchant setting.
• Check guarantee: supermarkets with merchant accounts also have the option to add check guarantee to their processing package. This makes it easy to ensure a customer’s check will clear, and also saves a trip to the bank with automatic deposit.
• Gift cards: in addition to the convenience of accepting cards, merchants can offer gift cards to encourage customer loyalty.

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